With the support of the expert professionals having the largest team of SAP Consultants and unmatched depth and breadth of skills, VSD Techno is the esteemed name in the group of SAP customers throughout India to provide expertise and deliver projects.

VSD Techno and SAP offer a Business Analytics a solution that offers a 360-degree view of your business to sustain your growing organization.

We are offering the consulting service with SAP Business Intelligence BusinessObjects, companies can unleash the potential of their enterprise data to deliver fresh business insight. VSD is a SAP Partner and Value-Added Reseller of SAP BusinessObject signed under the SAP’s elite strategic consulting activity. We take a basic, straight-forward way to deal to give industry-centered solutions that are custom fitted to meet you specific business needs. We have established a relationship and an immediate correspondence channel to key SAP officials, teams and customer support for rapid reactions to request or issues. We have a deep understanding into best practices to view SAP’s broad involvement with their customer’s base, and use that knowledge to profit our clients.

Further VSD has established a reputation for both our in-depth knowledge of the BusinessObjects product collection and our ability to convey eminence, timely, and cost-effective solutions. We suspect and surpass our clients’ needs, assemble solid and enduring organizations, and give unrivaled business esteem. We are an experienced SAP Consultant for ISD support. We design, development & support service of reporting solutions using the SAP BusinessObjects consulting under expert guidance. VSD is the SAP Expert that is responsible for the support, leverage, deployment and extension of SAP BOBJ software.


We implement SAP BusinessObjects (BOBJ) BI solutions with our responsive and flexible methodology, at cheap IT costs to constrain better decision making across your organization.

Planning and Discovery:

Specialists accumulate the data about your BI implementation objectives and afterward start characterizing the usage design and system design.

Design and Report Training:

Advancement outline for the framework is developed and center application is implemented. Training is granted to make your own customized reports for your data analysis.


Develops the application customizing and adding custom solution components to fulfill the design goals.

Installation and Full Training:

Provides direction on the installation and effective rollout to end-users.


For easier discovery, sharing, management and better decision making rely on our business object SAP BIBO and SAP BOBJ support, service and solution consulting provider handled by the experts.

What is SAP BIBO?

BI/BO suite is the most pioneering SAP Business Intelligence Business Objects development that offers information at the fingertips in the industries. We are the most highly developed and complete solution provider for the performance management, Business Planning, Business Consolidation, Dashboard & KPI reporting, query and analysis, Crystal line of reporting, data visualization and in total enterprise information management. SAP BIBO helps the organization of all sizes to create a trusted establishment for decision making, gain better insight into their business, and optimize performance.

SAP BIBO Service Offerings

  • Enhancements and Custom Development for reports & Dashboards
  • Data Modeling and Design
  • Presentation and Design ( Enterprise Portal Integration)
  • Data Mining and Analytics
  • SAP BI Enablement Services
  • Upgrades and Migration
  • Maintenance and Production Support

SAP BIBO Information Management

With the enormous amount of information that organizations generate, you need world-beating data services tools to supervise it.

We, at VSD techno are expert service provider offering the SAP BIBO (also commonly called BOBJ) Information Management solutions have powerful functionality to make sure business critical data for migration, master data management, data warehousing and business intelligence projects in clean, timely and trustworthy manner. We are specialists in opening and conveying the SAP BOBJ support consultant for key estimation of data so associations can demonstrate, create and enhance venture business procedures and drive greatness through operational decision-making.

We offer a remarkable focus on the most proficient method to apply SAP BI / BO implementation advances to hone such business destinations as enhancing the client experience, developing smarter marketing campaigns, streamlining supply chains, through complete solution for performance management, Business planning, Business Consolidation, Dashboard and KPI reporting, inquiry and analysis, Crystal line of reporting, data visualization and in absolute endeavor Performance management.

Why VSD Techno is considered to be the best for SAP BIBO?

Our offered policy at VSD is to meet our customers’ business and technical requirements. While there are numerous support and development of the companies accessible for outsourcing the project needs, our organization is unique in offering SAP BOBJ expert consulting and service in the respective fields. We are flexible, coverage, cost advantages, personalize and security and confidential.

Customer Service: We consider that a happy client always means more and best business. To accomplish, we try to make the completion of your job an enjoyable experience. We keep you updated at every step of planning, design and implementation process. Our goal is to develop a long lasting relationship with our prestigious clients, wherever they are located.

Consistent in Business: Our operations started years ago with a long term plan. With unvarying changes in technologies and design formats in the market, it is more important to have a strong relationship with a company that’s going to be here at present as well as in the future.

Competitive Pricing: We are offering a premium quality of work matched by a superior customer service at most affordable price. Besides, we abide by our agreement which means that you’re not getting any surprises from us while your project is being given shape. There are no changes in the prices, no out-of-control budgets.

One-Stop-Shop: The best thing to choose us is that you get all the facility and services related to your project requirements under one roof. When you choose us, you are free from worries of following up different companies for one common goal.

VSD Managed BI Begins with SAP BusinessObjects Automation

The below mentioned are few guidelines for you to follow, for experiencing the best practice of SAP BIBO in your particular enterprise:

  • Automate, automate, automate —seek out the procedures that deny you of your assets and discover approaches to streamline them through mechanization;
  • Understand and Plan —break down the data accumulated through profound framework thoughtfulness to advance your BI foundation;
  • Anticipate —comprehend your data customers’ needs and search for better approaches to satisfy them;
  • Extend and leverage for more ROI —search for ways that your BI stage can better serve the endeavor and exhibit considerably more degree of profitability.

What are the benefits of SAP BusinessObjects mobile

  • Instantaneous access to online and offline information gives you the ability to make the finest well-versed decisions
  • Immediate access to data gives your staff the information they necessitate to answer questions and queries on the spot
  • Continue your business operations around the clock by monitoring KPIs on the road
  • Lower total cost of possession through reuse of deployed BI reports and platform functionality

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